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About Linden Resources, Inc.

Linden Resources was founded in 1959 as The Sheltered Occupational Center of Northern Virginia, Inc. (or SOC Enterprises) by a group of Northern Virginia parents seeking jobs for their adult children with disabilities.  In its first year, 26 individuals were employed and Linden paid almost $3,000 in wages.  Since that time, Linden has grown to employ, provide job placement and other innovative services and programs to more than 270 individuals each year.  Linden operates 12 AbilityOne contracts, a full-service printing and warehousing business for government and commercial clients, and offers workforce development programs that benefit people with intellectual, physical and mental health disabilities, TANF recipients, and wounded warrior veterans.

Linden is CARF accredited at the highest level of three years, is an approved Ability One vendor and is a licensed provider of services through the Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services.  We partner with Northern Virginia Community Service Boards, the Virginia Department of Health and Human Services, other non-profit organizations and agencies to achieve our mission and advance our strategic goals to expand employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

What’s in a Name?

We are named after the Linden Tree, because …

What Exceeding Expectations Means

It’s written into our mission:  To expand employment opportunities for people with disabilities while exceeding the expectations of our customers.  More importantly, the people with disabilities that we serve, who work for Linden and for our customers, who demonstrate continuous resourcefulness and a focused determination to succeed in their jobs, are the very people that make it possible for Linden to deliver outstanding results and business solutions and exceed the expectations of our customers.

Why a new name?

Beginning in January 2010, the board of directors began exploring ways to have our brand embody the many excellent services and programs that Linden Resources provides that help people with disabilities to have jobs.  After a great deal of research, it was determined that our former name was confusing and did not truly reflect everything that we do.

To build on the positive, we undertook a rebranding process to select a new name for the organization that would showcase the many ways in which we meet our mission – expanding employment opportunities for people with disabilities while exceeding the expectations of our customers.  Like the Linden tree after which it is named, the new name, Linden Resources, Inc. provides an unlimited opportunity for the organization to branch out in many directions, while also honoring the organization’s 52-year history and important roots.

How does this affect the people with disabilities that we serve?

Linden Resources will continue to provide the high quality, innovative workforce development programs and services that help people with disabilities, TANF recipients with disabilities and wounded warrior veterans to have meaningful jobs.

About Linden Resources, Inc.

For more information, contact Donnell Karimah at dkarimah@linden.org.


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Community Comment

“We were very pleased with our experience working with Linden. The staff was awesome and went above and beyond to ensure we had a quality experience. We will definitely be working with Linden in the future.”
—Jennifer Rankin
American Forests’ Historic Tree Program